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Discover The Top 5 CA firms in Durgapur- West Bengal

Discover The Top 5 CA firms in Durgapur- West Bengal

The individuals who pay taxes are well aware of the importance of a CA in their lives. It is because individuals who pay taxes usually have a higher income ratio compared to those who do not pay taxes.

And since they pay taxes they have to deal with a series of tax laws that most of those individuals are not aware of. So, in order to get the maximum benefits from their tax filings, an income tax consultant in Durgapur is what they need.

There are several tax regulating laws, like the Income Tax Act, of 1961, which is the primary law that governs the overall taxation of income in India. Also, there is the popular GST (Goods and Services Tax), which regulates the tax that the government levies on businesses. Another tax act that serves as the framework for the administration, valuation, and assessment of excise duty in India.

Now, if the above seems too complex for you, there is no shame in it. We all are working individuals, working for nine or ten hours a day. We barely get any time to delve into the different tax laws of India and use them to file taxes so that those are in our favor.

But the fun fact is that tax consultant in Durgapur do this as a part of their daily life. Hence, there is no one better than them, to help you file the taxes and also get the maximum return on your filed taxes.

Below I have listed the best and most highly-rated CA firms in Durgapur. If you are looking for expert assistance, look no further than these firms in Durgapur.

Starting with,


Nihit Dalmia, a CA firm in Durgapur is a leading CA consultant and services provider who provides expert financial assistance to a plethora of business organizations. Despite the scale of the business, Nihit Dalmia has been providing wonderful experiences to them and is determined towards fostering a long-term relationship that is backed by trust and integrity. He is a tax consultant in Durgapur, with an experience in this field for over 10 years, and is recognized all over Durgapur, and neighboring cities for his diversity in providing financial solutions.

He has been providing services like Chartered Accountant, Income tax consultant in Durgapur, Income tax return, GST registration, GST consultants, Project loan, Audit, Bank finance, Private limited company incorporation, Company incorporation, LLP incorporation, GST return, Food license, BIS, GST refund consultant, Bank loan, Export import service, Charitable trust, cooperative society consultant, and Accounting Services. You can trust his assistance in gaining excellence in the above-mentioned aspects.

He is one of the best CAs who have graduated from the top universities and cracked the CA with the highest grades. He is adept in his work, and can provide you with good results.

Nihit Dalmia provides transparent pricing structure with no extra or hidden charges. With a commitment to excellence and a team of highly skilled and experienced chartered Accountant in Durgapur, he provides exceptional quality services to their clients.

Through the years of his services Nihit Dalmia has been a wonderful source of financial excellence to many companies. Some of his achievements include:

A recent project that he is working on is managing the taxes of Jet Web Solutions. The company was looking for a tax consultant in Durgapur, who can handle their tax filing, returns, and other tax related aspects effortlessly. That was the time when they got introduced to Nihit Dalmia. Now, the company’s owners can focus more on their core business areas, while their financial aspects are being managed by Nihit Dalmia.

Impressed with his services, the company gave him the contract of managing all of their financial areas, like accounts, payroll, tax filing and return, etc.

One of the most intriguing phases of his career was when he threw a lifeline to a company named Teleperformance.

The company was about to get bankrupt due reasons like improper budgeting, lack of control over expenses, and finally becoming the victim of a fraudulent activity. The board of directors had given up all their hopes when, a friend of one of the driectors introduced them to a CA in Durgapur. He was none other than Nihit, who was then on a vacation to Kerala.

Hearing from his friend about the circumstances, Teleperformance was facing, his professional duty stroked him, and he discontinued his vacation and came for their rescue. It was until he took over all their financial records and sat with the board of directors, to analyze the situation. Before, that no one was sure what fate has kept for them.

But soon, Nihit took control of their finances and and found the gaps that they were missing, and the reason they were not getting approved for a debt consolidation loan. He helped Teleperformace increase their credit score, and get the loan, which save the company from getting bankrupt. The amount of effort he had given into helping this company was commendable and very impressive compared to other chartered Accountant in Durgapur.

Check out some of the feedback of his clients:

Soham Gorai says, “I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Nihit and he has been an wonderful support for managing my finances. He dealt with all the overwhelming aspects of my finances keeping an eye on every minute detail, and maintain accuracy while recording and generating reports. He is still working on making my finances even better and I highly recommend a chartered accountant in Durgapur like him to anyone who is in need.”

Mehak Aggarwal says, “I am the owner of a small business, and was facing severe financial difficulties last year, which lead me to the ve4rge of closing down. That’s when a friend of mine introduced me to Mr. Nihit Dalmia, a renowned tax consultant in Durgapur. Once he took control of my finances, he gave me expert financial advice to fill the gaps that were causing the financial shortages. He developed a successful financial restructuring plan which helped me cut costs, track and manage the cash flow, regaining financial stability. Thanks to his efforts and guidance which helped my business thrive.”

Joy Khasnabish says, “Working with Mr. Nihit Dalmia, has been a great experience. He helped me prepare my tax business’s tax filings and also helped me get the maximum returns, remaining compliant with the all the tax laws and regulations. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional chartered accountant in Durgapur.

You can find Nihit Dalmia at his official address-

Also, you can find and contact him on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google My Business.

With Nihit Dalmia, you will get the highest quality of financial services, with accurate calculations. 


Sarban Jha & Co. is another CA firm situated in Bengal Ambuja, City Center, Durgapur. Sarban Jha has been providing services for family-owned businesses, and to owners of sole proprietorships. You can look for such a chartered accountant in Durgapur, from an agency like this.


SASP Associates is a CA firm situated in Durgapur Sarojini Naidu Path City Centre. This firm provides you with expert financial solutions, backed by their extensive knowledge in the field. If you are struggling with filing your taxes or preparing tax returns contact a tax consultant in Durgapur for more info.


KHEMKA AGARWAL & CO CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS is a renowned CA firm that offers a comprehensive range of professional services in the field of accounting, taxation, auditing, and financial advisory. With a commitment to excellence and a team of highly skilled and experienced Chartered Accountants, they provide exceptional quality services to their clients.

They take pride in delivering accurate and reliable financial solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals and businesses.

Final thoughts

So, these are the top 5 income tax consultant in Durgapur firms, who can provide you with expert assistance. You can choose any one of them, but based on my personal experience, I would recommend hiring the first one in the list. The reason is because of the diversity of services they offer, so once you have contacted them you need not go anywhere else.


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