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Why Do You Need to Secure an FSSAI License For Your Food Business?

In India, if you are looking forward to starting a food business, the first step is to get a license from the FSSAI. The FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Association of India, is a government body that regulates and sets standards for the selling, packaging, and storing of food items in India.


It's also made mandatory by the FSSAI, for every food business to have an FSSAI license issued by them. Now, before you move forward with the process you need to know about the different types of food licenses available. For a seamless progression of the whole process, you can Google, “the best chartered accountant near me” and hire one.


So, there are three types of food license issued by the FSSAI, based upon the type of operations conducted by an FBO (Food Business Operation). These are: Basic registration, State License, and Central License.


Basic registration


The state government provides this license to the food businesses that operate on a small scale. Businesses that run small manufacturing units, storage units, and are small transporters, or distributors require this license. Also, it is to be noted that these businesses must have an annual turnover which is upto 12 lakh. Once issued the license will be valid for a maximum of 5 years.


State License


Food businesses that operate on a larger scale need to have a state license. This license is required for businesses with larger manufacturing food units, storage units, transports over long distances, etc. But it is important to note that food businesses with a state license can only operate within the boundaries of the state they have the license issued for. This license is also issued to the business by the state government. Businesses with a state license must have an annual turnover of upto 2 lakh.


Central License


This license is for the food business who wish to operate in more than one state. These businesses generally have a huge turnover which may exceed 20 crores annually. Also, they have larger manufacturing, storage and transportation units. The companies that deal with the import and export of to another country also need this central FSSAI license.


So, now that you have known about the various types of FSSAI licenses, it’s time to see which one is perfect for you. If you are still not sure, you can contact a CA in Durgapur, who will assist you out of the situation.


Now, you are probably wondering about the documents you will require to get an FSSAI license. Below is a list of the documents that your will need:


  • A photo that properly identifies your food business
  • Identity proof of the owner, which are Voter Id, Ration Card, PAN Card, DL, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Senior Citizen Card.
  • List of proposed food articles
  • Filled and approved Form B
  • One of these documents is required: Partnership Deed/ Certificate of Incorporation (COI)/ Memorandum of Association(MOA)/ Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Proof of the businesses resident place, food example, rental or lease agreement.
  • A proper draft of the food safety management system
  • Supporting bodies, such as NOC from Panchayat or Municipality
  • List of the used raw materials
  • Form IX
  • Water Test report certified by NABL
  • Import Export code approved by DGFT
  • List of machines and equipments at the facility
  • List of directors and subsiding partners


So, this a long-winded list of the documents you will require for applying for the FSSAI license.


Reasons to Secure an FSSAI License for your Food Business


Better Customer retention- the food business license from the FSSAI is hugely prevalent in the current times. And customers know aptly what that license determines. Therefore, customers would like to come back to you persistently when they see you have the license.


Build trust among customers- If you have a license from this government body, it portrays to the customer that you have passed all the necessary safety and health standards. Therefore, the food they are purchasing from you is 100% safe.


No legal actions: If a business is licensed by the FSSAI, it is completely safe from any legal actions. And any allegations would not work upon that company, because of the different certifications needed to get approved for an FSSAI license.


So, these are the reasons any FBO should get licensed by the FSSAI before they jump into the market. If you need someone who will assist and suggest the best ways to get licensed faster, you can Google, “chartered accountant near me” and hire one.

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