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Learn Why and How to Get the GSTIN Number

Legal Recognition: If you are registering for GST your business gets recognition from the government. With that, you also get the certificate for the GST registration and GSTIn number which is specific to your business. The major benefit of this is you get to participate in inter-state trade. 

Compliance with the law: If you have your business registered with GST, you can avoid legal issues associated with non-compliance.

BusinessExpansionWhen registered with GST, you can work and collaborate on big projects with large organizations or even government projects. This is because they usually prefer to work with organizations that are compliant with the law. You can always learn more about GST and other tax-related topics from a CA in Durgapur and get guided.

Competitive advantage: Your business will always have an upper hand against those that have not registered for GST. It symbolizes that you are compliant with the tax laws and that you are optimal to work with, and anyone working with you would not face any legal issues.

E-commerce requirements- If you are a seller on e-commerce platforms, then you must possess a GSTIN number. Most recognized e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart require you to have a GST registration in order to become a seller on those platforms.

However, here is a brief jot down of the steps you need to go through. These are:

Visit the Portal: It all starts with visiting the online portal for GST There head to the services tab, then registration, new registration.

Filling Part A of the application- The Part A of the form will display once you click on the “new registration” option. Here you have to fill in the details like, legal business name, PAN number, business email, and mobile number. In case your PAN is linked with your contact details like email and phone, you need not enter those two. Upon filling in all the details and clicking on proceed, you will receive an OTP on the email and phone number for verification. After you have entered the OTP you will be sent a TRN (Temporary Reference Number) to your email and phone number.

Filling Part B of the Application- After you have been successfully verified by the portal, you need to fill up the Part B of the application. You can fill this part with the temporary reference number given. This part of the form is divided into several sections where you need to provide information. CA in Durgapur can help you accurately with the documents needed. However, these are some of the mandatory info you need to provide. These are:

? Business type,

? Place of business,

? Any partners or promoters you have,


? Bank details,

? PT registration certificate,

State ExciseLicense,

And the Goods and services your business provides with the HSN code.

Upload the supporting documents: Now, you need to upload the supporting documents like Pan Card, Aadhar, address proof for a business, etc. S you need to add multiple documents here, you should append those documents in a single file. The maximum file size allowed is 1MB and therefore, the preferred file format is either PDF or JPG.

Verification and getting ARNAfter submitting the application it will go for verification. Once the verification is completed by the tax authorities you will receive an Application Reference Number or ARN. This will be sent to you via email or SMS.

Getting the GSTIN: The tax authorities will now issue a 15-digit GSTIN number for your business, which will be provided along with a GST registration certificate.

Registration certificate download: You can download the certificate from the same GST portal. You need to click on the ‘track application status’ option under the ‘registration’ tab. Here you have to enter the ARN number. If the status says approved you can download the certificate straight from there.

This is how you register for the GSTIN number of your business. Now, once you have been registered you need to be compliant with the terms and maintain a record of the GST returns and tax payments. To file accurate GST returns or get help with the GST registration process, you can always seek help from a professional tax consultant in Durgapur.

The procedure to register for GST is quite a long-winded process, and it is better to take the assistance of a tax consultant or CA.  There are several steps involved in the GST registration process, like filling out long forms, getting OTP, and then getting a Temporary Reference Number. The process can be complex for those registering for the first time and therefore, it is best to consult with a tax consultant or chartered accountant in Durgapur for a seamless registration process.

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